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Video Marketing Promotion

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Video Marketing promotion

Becky Thatcher Designs


Becky Thatcher approached us to create a video that would introduce her newest jewelry collection and expand her audience.

Our Solution

Along side video production that let Becky Thatcher explain her newest assortment of products in her own words, we spearheaded a press release that was distributed to promote the video and collection to an even larger national audience.


The video lives mainly on the Becky Thatcher Design website, serving as an introduction to the Endangered Insect Collection


Video Production | Animation | Branding | Press Release | Packaging Design 

Tri-Fold Jewelry Insert

PR Response

PR Newsrooms | Sept 29 
MLive | Oct 6  
MyNorth | Oct 7 
6Park.News |  Oct 6 
Record Patriot | Oct 14 
WTCM with Ron Jolly | Oct 18 

Our Approach to Promotion

There were three different parts to promoting the release of this new collection from Becky Thatcher Designs; the video, the press release and the packaging. It was important to maintain consistency within each of these which is why the video script, the press release and the jewelry insert use intentionally similar language.



The graphic nature of the insect illustrations used in the jewelry collection lends itself very well to animation. Not every video project is enhanced when integrating motion graphics or character animation, but because this particular collection was centered around conservation of endangered insects, we felt it was important for the audience to see the insect designs come to life.


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