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Lake Adventure Series

Aussie Watersports


Aussie Watersports is the leading boat rental company serving Grand Traverse and Leelanau County. They offer free delivery for daily and weekly boat or jet ski rentals to Long Lake, Lake Leelanau, and West Bay. We were hired to create a branded video series that would educate their customers on these destinations.

Our Solution

We produced the Lake Adventure series, where each 4-minute video showcases one lake from a boater’s point of view. The scripted videos include fun facts, points of interest, and lake features that are especially helpful for first-time visitors.


The branded video content resides on the Aussie Watersports website. They have also been part of social media promotions, email campaigns and cross-promotional links with affiliates.


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Production Team

Visitors Media | Stone Hut Studios


Our Approach to Storytelling

In a branded video series our approach is based on establishing pillars as the foundation for every video. The Lake Adventure Series follows this process. Each video features one lake, one boat, lake features, benefits, and tips.

We created custom animated graphics to highlight lake features such as water depth and shoreline. They also illustrate the location of parks, islands, beaches, and recommended points of interest.

A Team Effort

The scope of this branded video series offered an opportunity to team up with Stone Hut Studios for the on-camera talent coordination, filming, editing and audio including voice recording. Visitors Media was responsible for overall project management, research, scripting, storyboard, voice talent, and animated graphics.

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