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Restaurant Menus

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Restaurant Menus

The Roadhouse Mexican Bar & Grill


Consistency and brand continuity is a primary objective when we create marketing materials for The Roadhouse.

Our Solution

We redesigned the dinner menu to allow for changeable pages which slip into a washable folder. It’s cost-effective and allows the Roadhouse to update pages as needed, instead of reprinting and laminating the entire menu when prices change, or menu items are no longer available.

The bar menu compliments the dinner menu with a consistent color palette, typography and graphic elements.


The dinner and bar menus are printed and used at the restaurant. The take-out menu was designed to be printed in black and white for home printers and is available for download on their website at Online menus are built-in to the Roadhouse website design. This way their menus are accessible in the best format for each situation.


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