Graphic Design

Riverside Map

This map illustration was created for the Riverside Canoes card in the Traverse Traveler display. Each little card includes a custom map on the back so hotel guests can find their location with one handy pocket-sized reference.

The custom map on the back is one of the unique hallmarks of every Traverse Traveler card. We understand […]

Traverse Traveler Cards

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into the print production of Traverse Traveler’s little cards.

When your end product is small, attention to detail must be huge. From concept, to design, to proofing, we believe details matter. Consistency, creativity and quality are of utmost concern. So we sketch ideas to present to clients, proof and refine until the […]

Full-Page Ad for Traverse Traveler

This is a full-page ad designed to promote awareness for the Traverse Traveler app. It’s also an example of how Visitors Media utilizes cross-promotion among our brands. This ad appears in the Traverse City Dining Guide, a free publication distributed at area hotel front desks.

Developing sales tools and marketing materials is essential to the long-term […]

Illustrations for Traverse Traveler App


This image takes you behind the design of the Traverse Traveler app. This is the Sharpie sketch phase for redesigning app icons to appear on Traverse Traveler, a hyper-local travel app featuring restaurants, attractions and activities in the Traverse City, Michigan region.

Custom home screen icons in bright colors are the hallmark of the Traverse Traveler […]

Hofbrau Dining Guide Menu Page

This is an example of a menu page in the Traverse City Dining Guide, created for The Hofbrau, in Interlochen, Michigan.

Many restaurants featured in the Dining Guide come to us asking the same question: “How do we fit our menu on one page?” We work with each advertiser to determine the most important menu items […]

Traverse City Dining Guide Magazine

The Traverse City Dining Guide is a bi-annual print magazine featuring area restaurant menus, wineries, breweries and food for thought for the Traverse City culinary traveler.

Visitors Media purchased the Traverse City Dining Guide in 2014 and published our first issue in the fall. The Dining Guide is a handy reference for visitors searching for information […]